INNOVATION: Lancôme Custom Made Foundation

Lancôme has done it again ladies....As I took a trip to Nordstrom Downtown Seattle flagship store, I visited the Lancôme counter where my beauty stylist Jenessa and I discussed this new innovation currently available at their counter.

Jenessa and I discussed in depth the machine that houses over 22,000 colors that can perfectly match your complexion utilizing a Pantone Capsure tool. I'm sorry did you say perfect color match! I'M IN! Jenessa also explained that I can select what finish and coverage I would prefer based on my skin type. Whether I wanted a normal, dewy or matte finish, as well as sheer, medium or full coverage. 

GASP! I just couldn't contain myself I had to see what this was about. As you know I am a foundation hoarder so this technology was right up my alley.

First step, I had to have my makeup removed...MAJOR sideeye umm excuse me! I never leave home without a full face mame but I gave in, I knew once the images were taken and the foundation was complete Jenssa would hook this mug back up.

Now it was time to capture my skin tones. Jenessa asked me based on my preference what part of my face did I most want to color match. Ideally I wanted my entire face flawless, I mean duh, right? But we decided to find tones that met right in between the lightest and darkest points of my face. 

There you have it! My color number S19274 LOL I was too amped and ready to see this machine in action!

Let the magic and mixing begin!


Overall the experience was EVERYTHING! From Jenessa's awesome vibes to the very science project experiment engagement with technology, to even personalizing my bottle and naming it whatever I want "Sookie Sookie". My Matte finish, full coverage foundation was PERFECT! Don't let the actual color (mine look like mustard) that comes out the mixing machine fool you. It's like magic, as soon as it hits your face it just conforms like a chameleon onto the skin and the coverage <sigh> I'm in love!

Jenessa input my color, finish and coverage  information into their system so when I'm ready to reorder they can just whip me up another batch!

Unfortunately this baby is only available at two Nordstrom counter locations (Seattle, WA and Los Angles, CA) but if ever your visiting this is a MUST!

Happy Girl!